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spanyol tengerparti eladó ingatlanok


The time has come for you to enjoy Spanish life every summer in your summer home. Come and see this brand new apartment with a breathtaking terrace that will fascinate you. A beautiful 70.5 square meter apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious living room and a gorgeous terrace with spectacular views over the sea. Its price is incredible, just 166,000 euros.


The apartment is located in Sol y Mar Golf’s private residential complex, close to 3 golf courses, malls and entertainment centers. If you are getting one of these beautiful apartments, you can enjoy full service, including a spa, a gym, a heated pool and a sauna. All this for free!


Are you looking for a perfect apartment in Spain? Well, you found it. This apartment gives you everything in Alicante. Who still wants such a wonderful view of the apartment? Tin?


Call Tamás Csáki at +36 70 634 2499 for more information. We invite the eligible pairs to Spain on a weekly visit. Still reading this ?! CALL NOW! You may also be eligible to take part in one of the free explorers’ boulevards in Alicante.


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Alapterület kategória
50-70 m2
Pontos alapterület (m2)
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0-200 m2
Szobák száma
2 szoba
Félszobák száma
2 fél szoba
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